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“Every single student comes to school every single day with an unlit candle, and it is their expectation that you and I light that candle.”

- Harry Wong

Holy Redeemer Grade School, along with Most Holy Redeemer Parish, is a cornerstone of the Catholic community of South West Detroit as we spread God's Word. 


Mission Statement

Holy Redeemer Grade School is an urban Catholic grade school, fully accredited by the Michigan Non-Public School Accrediting Association.  We offer an alternative educational setting which will enhance the spiritual life of its students as well as their academic pursuits.  As a Catholic School, Holy Redeemer recognizes and strives to fulfill the needs of the whole student: spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical.  It endeavors to prepare students to grow into mature, productive and compassionate citizens of our
Church and our world.

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We strive to...

-maintain an academically sound curriculum to prepare students for high school.

-nurture the rich multicultural environment within our school and community.

-recognize and accept each child as an individual with God given abilities.

-establish an atmosphere of mutual respect, care and concern.







For more information about the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese, visit http://www.aod.org/

For more information about the Catholic School Mission of our State, visit the Michigan Association of Non-public Schools at http://m-a-n-s.org/

Most Holy Redeemer Church has a new website. You can find them online at: http://holyredeemerdetroit.com/

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